The redesigned website for Dave Pearson inevitable focuses, for the main, on the artist’s major series of works. Many of these are ambitious large scale projects and these paintings are rarely domestic in size.

However Dave Pearson was nothing if not prolific, and we also hold many of his beautiful small-scale artworks. These were sometimes created as part of the major series of works – sketches, test pieces, or finished pieces in their own right. Others are simply stand-alone drawings, oil paintings or watercolours.

We are able to sell these directly from the Dave Pearson Studio. Either book a visit to see us, or (especially in this time of Covid) go to our sister site at You’ll see a great selection of items here that can be bought on-line and we will mail these out to you in a matter of days.

The images on this page are among those that we’ve sold in this way over the past few weeks.