Late Works Dave Pearson 2000 - 2008

In 2003 Dave was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Treatment began, with periods of hospitalisation, but the cancer slowly spread. Dave responded initially with a wild and energetic series of constructions, using wood, nails, woollen thread, and found objects, often associated with his operations. These accumulated at the studio he had at Globe Arts (his Haslingden studio was full to the brim), and the studio took on the appearance of an installation. But as his energy declined he began a number of series of works on paper. These include the Encyclopedia series that would continue to his death, and  a large series of photographic, collaged, embroidered, drawn and painted work in gouache and ink on paper, under the umbrella of the Encyclopedia series, titled Illness. Dave also produced series of small self-portraits on paper, usually in triptychs during this period. His last works, done from his bed a few days before his death, were also self-portraits in blue on gold.

Late Works