Calendar Customs & Seven Woods Dave Pearson 1973 - 1983

Following Pearson’s immersion in the Book of Revelation series he moved on to working on the English Calendar Customs series, which he started in 1973 and worked on for several years. This work involved a lot of detailed research and he filled 14 notebooks, each for a particular period of the year, with detailed writings and pen and ink drawings from the books he was reading.

In 1981 Pearson started a series which clearly grew out of his interest in English Calendar Customs – In the Seven Woods – inspired by the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, and which explored, in large series of pencil drawings, pastels, card relief paintings and prints, the imagery associated with the dance such as horned dancers, hobby horse, and woods. There is a dark and haunting quality to many of these works, with hints of mortality, and this was a period during which he lost both his father Sam (1978) and mother Anne (1983).

Calendar Customs